In order to start earning, you need to go through a simple registration, after which you will receive your personal account. Everything in the project is arranged in such a way that everything is clear on an intuitive level, and for quick orientation in each section there is an "INFO" button, by clicking on which you will see hints about a particular section.
Captain, how to start earning in "BattleShips Bitcoin"?
Bitcoin, abbreviated (BTC), is the first and most popular cryptocurrency in the world.
Satoshi is a fractional or integral part of Bitcoin, named after Satoshi Nakamoto, who invented this cryptocurrency. Bitcoins and satoshis are related to each other like a dollar and a cent.
Captain, what is Bitcoin and Satoshi?
Go to the registration form, come up with a username for your future account, it should consist of letters and numbers (at least 6 letters) of the English alphabet, and should not contain special characters. .
Next, enter a workable email address through which you can be contacted if necessary, or you can write to us if you have questions. .
Create a password for your account. The password must contain at least 6 letters and numbers of the English alphabet, without special characters.
Captain, how to register correctly?
The earnings of participants are not limited to anything, you can earn endlessly by devoting your time to the gameplay. Our team has developed an interesting project that combines such ways of earning as Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin faucet, site views, games, quests, various tasks, and so on. All that is required of you is activity on our site. We offer you profitable monetization of your time by spending time in our project.
Captain, how much can I earn in the project?
No, there are no ways to invest in the project, and your success directly depends only on your activity. We do not accept investments; we do not have paid rates. Our project was created for absolute earnings without investments.
Captain, can I invest to earn more?
You can withdraw your earnings at any time convenient for you. We have no restrictions on the withdrawal of earned funds. There is only a minimum payment threshold, which is set by the payment system connected to the project. The minimum payout amount is 0.00030000 BTC. To receive payouts, you first need to set up a bitcoin address or username from the faucetpay microwallet in the "Settings" section and then order a payout.
Captain, how can I withdraw the earned cryptocurrency?
After the order, the system checks your payment and sends it to your wallet. Withdrawal of funds can take up to 48 hours, but in general everything happens much faster.
Captain, how long does it take to process an ordered payout?
No, multi-accounts are strictly prohibited, and if several people from your family wish to join the project, you must be sure that you and your family members use different IP addresses. You cannot use two or more accounts on the same device.
Captain, can I create multiple accounts?
It is very easy to play and earn in this game. You will have the opportunity to enter this section every day and play to the bitter end. You will see a playing field, divided into 100 cells. 50 of them contain prizes, and the remaining 50 are empty. Every day, each player has the opportunity to fire 50 shots. Aim, shoot, take the prize!
Captain, how to play Sea Battle and earn?
In the bitcoin faucet section, you can earn Satoshi every hour by clicking on the "SPIN" button. Prizes are randomly generated and depend on the number that is generated automatically after pressing the button. The table shows the numbers and the prize corresponding to certain numbers. With each try, you have the opportunity to win up to 0.007 bitcoins.
Captain, how to make money on a bitcoin faucet?
Using our miner, you can earn 5 Satoshi every hour. In order to start the miner, you just need to click on the "START" button. You can continue to earn in other sections or just go about your business, the main thing is to keep the miner in an active state.
Captain, how to make money with mining?
This is a very lucrative way to earn bitcoins by completing certain tasks, surveys, and browsing sites. Earning in this section, you receive rewards with our "BSB" tokens, the token rate is always 1BSB = $1. At any time (from 0.5 BSB) you can exchange your earned BSB for bitcoins. The BSB►BTC exchange rate is listed in the section permanently and is controlled by the Binance platform. The exchange is made automatically, immediately, after pressing the "Exchange" button.
Captain, what are offers and how to earn money there?
Yes, there are many sections for earning, and they are constantly added as the project develops. We are constantly working on improving the project, modernizing and adding various innovations to the functionality for a more pleasant and profitable pastime on the site.
Captain, are there any other sections for earning?
Yes, you can order advertising from us. You can order advertising such as surfing sites and banner advertising. Both types of advertising are good in their own way. Your advertising on our site will be seen by thousands of our users, and you will be able to attract the target audience to your site.
Captain, can I order advertising for my site on your site?
The project has a multifunctional affiliate program with up to 50% remuneration for all project participants. All actions of your partners will bring you income. More information about partner rewards can be found in the REFFER section. The more extensive your affiliate structure, the more your passive income. All affiliate commissions are credited to your balance automatically. Your affiliate income is unlimited and does not affect the earnings of your partners in any way. All partner remuneration is paid from the financial fund of the project.
Captain, what is your affiliate program?
We have site protection experts on our team and they have done a very good job of protecting the project site as much as possible with the latest and most advanced security measures. The site is located on a powerful server that can withstand enormous loads, there is powerful DDoS protection, and there is SSL that encrypts all data.
Captain, is the site of the project securely protected?
You can write to our support service, through the feedback form, you can write to the project`s mail, or contact us through the telegram social network. Our technical support works steadily 7/24 and will always be happy to help you and answer all the questions that you will have during the gameplay.
Captain, I still have questions, who will answer them?