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Any use of the site or its parts, as well as any use of the resources of the BattleShips Bitcoin, means that you have fully read, understood and agree to the terms of the agreement below, undertake to comply with them and be responsible for their violation. The terms of this agreement and its additions are binding on all participants of the BattleShips Bitcoin.

1.Basic terms and definitions
Developers are persons who have developed various components of the BattleShips Bitcoin. Administration - persons authorized by the BattleShips Bitcoin Owner for the special use of the Project, including management, and acting on behalf of the Project Owner, unless otherwise agreed.
Program - software components, both individually and in aggregate, posted by the Administration or the Developer on the Site or on third-party sites on the Internet.
User - any person who accesses the Game or the Site via the Internet.
Game - a combination of the Program, the Site and Content, which is a combination of features, services and services intended for personal use by the User.
Moderator - a person authorized by the Administration to monitor the implementation by Users of this Agreement, its applications or other rules of the game, and has the authority to apply to Users the actions provided for in this Agreement. The project is a unity that includes the Game, Users, Moderators and Administration.

2. General provisions
2.1. This Agreement (also referred to as the "Agreement") governs the relationship arising from the use of the project between the Administration and an unlimited number of Users throughout the globe.
2.2. The User guarantees that he is not subject to legal restrictions on the use of online services, he is authorized to enter into this Agreement or has received the necessary permission in the form required by law from his parents or legal representatives.
2.3. Additions to the Agreement are its integral part and are binding on the parties. Additions to the Agreement are posted by the Administration on the BattleShips Bitcoin Website.
2.4. This Agreement and additions to it can be changed or supplemented by the Administration at any time by notifying the participants in advance by means of communication, namely, via e-mail. The continued participation of the User in the Project after making changes to the Agreement means the User's consent to the changes in the Agreement and acceptance of the current version of the Agreement.

3. Rights and obligations of the Administration
3.1. In case of violation by the User of the current Agreement, the Administration has the right, without prior notice, to unilaterally completely or partially limit the User's participation in the BattleShips Bitcoin or the User's access to the Game, as well as to refuse the User in the further provision of services in the Game.
3.2. The administration does not give any guarantees for the uninterrupted operation of the game.
3.3. The Administration manages the Game and gaming processes, solely following the rules of the project.
3.4. The Administration has the right to use data about the User in accordance with the Privacy Policy established by the Administration. The Administration undertakes not to disclose data about Users, except as provided by applicable law.

4. Rights and obligations of the User
4.1. The User undertakes to comply with this Agreement with all changes and additions made to it.
4.2. If the User disagrees with the current Agreement, the User is obliged to stop participating in the Game, as well as any other use of the Project. The use of the Game, as well as all or any part of the game services, means that the User accepts the terms of this license agreement.
4.3. The User undertakes not to disclose or transfer to third parties (with the exception of the minor to whom the Account is granted for use) his identification data, which may be used to authorize the User in any part of the Game.
4.4. The User undertakes not to research the code, not to decompile or disassemble the Game, not to modify the Game, not to create derivative products based on the Game or any part thereof.
4.5. The user undertakes not to organize, assist or take part in any actions that could have a negative impact on the operation of the Project or on its use by other users. Any attempt to cause damage or disrupt the normal functioning of the project is a violation of the rules of the project. In case of implementation or complicity in the implementation of such an action, the project administration reserves the right to recover damages from the user within the framework provided by law.

5. The user is prohibited from the following actions
5.1. Change, independently or with outside help, the contents of files and directories included in the Game.
5.2. Create and use game cheating, modification or hacking tools created by third parties that may affect the operation of the Project.
5.3. Create and use tools created by third parties that automate or emulate the User's actions in the Game.
5.4. Create and use tools created by third parties designed to intercept, analyze or otherwise collect information about the Project or through the Project, including, but not limited to, data on in-game mechanics, personal user data, project statistics.
5.5. Carry out interception, emulation and other active actions with the network messages of the Game. Create interference that prevents the exchange of network messages between the components of the Game.
5.6. Create and use tools created by third parties to change the visual display of the Game.
5.7. Use the Project in any way that may interfere with the normal functioning of the Project.
5.8. Provide third parties (with the exception of the minor to whom the Account is provided for use) with access to the Game using his Account. Play using Third Party Accounts.
5.9. Use the contact information of Users for the purpose of sending unsolicited information (spam).
5.10. Use the Project to commit any other illegal or other criminal acts that are contrary to the law.

6. Exclusive rights
6.1. Exclusive rights to all components and objects of the Project belong to the Project Owner and the Administration. All rights reserved.
6.2. The Project Owner expressly reserves the exclusive right to create derivative works based on the Project.
6.3. Only the owner of the Project and its licensees have the right to operate the network component of the Project on their servers.

7. Sites and materials of third parties
7.1. The project contains links to other sites on the Internet, as well as programs, photos, videos, audio, graphics, text and other materials belonging to third parties. Placing links to sites or materials of third parties in the Project does not mean support, approval or recommendation of these sites or materials by the Administration. The Administration is not responsible for any materials of third parties posted in the Project or on third party websites accessible via links from the Project, including, but not limited to, any opinions or statements. Clicking on links to third-party websites, installing third-party programs or otherwise using third-party materials is carried out by the User at his own discretion.

8. Liability of the parties
8.1. The User is fully responsible for any actions performed using his Account, as well as for compliance with the requirement that any other person using his Account familiarize himself with the terms and Conditions of this Agreement and for their compliance by this person.
8.2. The Administration is not responsible for the quality and speed of User access to the Internet. For all technical issues related to the provision of communication services, the User should contact his communication service provider.

9. Final provisions
9.1. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws of the user's country. Access to the Project using the Service from any other location is at the user's own initiative, who is solely responsible for compliance with local laws, if any, and to the extent that they are applicable.
9.2 The user may request the deletion of personal data at any time using the support link from the main page of the website.
I wish everyone a good time! Captain